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Rossely Tapia

Rossely Tapia is a luxury clothing brand featuring the latest fashion designs. Celebrate ladies luxury fashion with our exquisite range of women’s designer clothes. Every piece is a testament to uniqueness and timeless style. Browse our collection of exclusive women’s apparel from acclaimed designer Rossely Tapia. Explore our products now.


Rossely Tapia, a beacon of luxury fashion, embarked on her fashion odyssey in Lima, Peru. From traversing global textiles markets alongside her father to launching her inaugural ladies designer clothing store post her marketing studies in Utah, her journey took her to Sao Paulo and eventually, Los Angeles. Here, she showcased her unique women’s designer clothes influenced by her rich Peruvian lineage at LA Fashion Week. Rossely’s vision? Merging ladies luxury fashion with sustainability, all while honoring global cultures. Experience the tapestry of her journey in every women’s luxury fashion piece she designs.

Instead of waiting for change,

I took action and transformed my life

Rossely Tapia


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